Intervention, since 2020

»Imagination is a muscle that we can exercise.«

Friedrich von Borries, Torsten Fremer

Vorstellungskraft X - The Art of Transformation brings companies and institutions together with artists to initiate and accompany transformation processes.
The connection of artistic processes with economic thinking wants to contribute to the emergence of visions and ideas for a better future! Because how can we create a different future? We must learn to imagine it?

Against the backdrop of enormous social and economic transformation processes, imagination is becoming an indispensable resource for tackling the changes that will be necessary in the coming years.
To develop the imagination, we have developed programs in which we bring companies together with artists. Because artists have always been specialists in imagination, creativity and imagining the future. Imagination X is led by Prof. Dr. Friedrich von Borries, professor at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, and Dr. Torsten Fremer, CEO of the agency group Units United and managing director of the Klubhaus agency in Cologne. The two initiators combine artistic creativity with entrepreneurial curiosity. Well-known and successful artists (literature, music, visual arts, film) from all over the world are involved in the programs of Vorstellungskraft X.

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Der Monopol-Podcast über Kunst, Wirtschaft und gesellschaftliche Transformation

Im Monopol-Podcast Fantasiemuskel sprechen der Architektur- und Designtheoretiker Friedrich von Borries und der Kommunikationsprofi Torsten Fremer mit Expert:innen aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Politik und Kunst über die Kraft der Vorstellung. Denn Fantasie ist ein Muskel, den man trainieren kann – davon sind Friedrich von Borries und Torsten Fremer überzeugt.