Space and Object, 2004
Trade Show Exhibition for the Consortium of German Art Associations (Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Kunstvereine – AdKV) at Art Forum in Berlin.
As the lobby for all German art associations, the AdKV naturally participates in every important trade show. raumtaktik’s participatory design for the consortium’s Art Forum exhibition managed to unite the enormously heterogonous AdKV members into a unified whole.

Each association was asked to provide a “personal artefact” and to fill out an accompanying form explaining its significance. The implicit allusion of these forms to funding applications was intentional, as was the combination of playfully creative content with an extremely formal visual appearance – a “wallpaper” of formulas.
Trade show visitors were surprised by the absurd collection of objects and moved to find out more. A simple, clever design thus encouraged visitors into dialogue with the exhibition attendants, which is, after all, the goal of any trade show appearance.

Mit Matthias Böttger als raumtaktik
Grafik: Alexander Branczyk